Truck Accidents

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    Thousands of drivers are injured in collisions every year on Ontario’s roads and highways, and many of these accidents involve trucks. Many victims don’t know their rights, and have little understanding of their truck’s insurance policy or the Insurance Act — that’s where Rizzotto Law Firm can help.

    Our skilled personal injury lawyers help you pursue accident benefits and compensation. If you have been hurt in a truck accident, the first thing you will need to do is report the accident to a lawyer from Rizzotto Law Firm. Whether or not you were at fault, we will help you obtain the benefits and compensation for your losses. One of our experienced personal injury lawyers will ensure that your rights are protected within the time limits permitted by law.

    Ontario’s laws make it possible for a truck accident victim to receive accident benefits and to sue for damages. There are two sources of benefits and compensation for the injuries and losses suffered because of a truck accident. The first, the accident benefits claim, is to seek and collect accident benefits through your own insurance company or from the insurance policy of any other vehicle involved in the accident. The second, the tort claim, is to sue the driver who is at fault.

    The process varies from case to case. Rizzotto Law Firm tries to maximize your return, and minimize your waiting period. We will work with you to obtain the best truck accident settlement we can!

    The accessibility of accident benefits also varies from case to case. Your personal injury lawyer may obtain these benefits for you, regardless of who caused the accident. Accident benefits available include:

    • income replacement benefits
    • non-earner benefits
    • medical and rehabilitation benefits
    • care giver benefits
    • attendant care benefits
    • housekeeping expenses

    Our experienced personal injury lawyers will get you the settlement that you are entitled to. We have a proven history of fighting for injured individuals and families. We’ll ensure that your losses are compensated.

    Contact us for legal advice about your truck accident, and to discuss your rights.