Back & Neck Injuries

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    Most back and neck injuries occur in auto accidents, but they can happen anywhere and at any time. An injury to the back or neck can result in a loss of mobility or function. The worst spinal cord injuries can completely paralyze victims. Less severe spinal cord injuries can result in a loss of bowel and bladder control, problems sensing heat or cold, or a loss of function in the limbs.

    Because of the serious nature of these injuries, you need a law firm dedicated to your every need and that understands the changes your body is going through. People with spinal cord injuries often require intense care for the rest of their lives. Our personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed to handle catastrophic injuries, and recover adequate retribution, which may include damages for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, as well as future care costs, home and vehicle modifications, and other economic losses. If you have obtained a back or neck injury, we will vigorously pursue the compensation and life modifications you require.

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